the pose

scrotum view

scrotum view

An explanation of the sensations that cause arousal when modeling nude for groups of strangers

I woke  up before the alarm  headed straight to the bathroom.  Getting back to bed to resume the erotic dream I was thoroughly enjoying was the task at hand.  These extremely hot scenarios where I am naked outside or the grocery store and being the  only one without my clothes on.  The resulting looks and stares with assorted comments not about the fact I  am naked,  but naked with an erection.   Some nerve.      

Back in bed, I was asleep in a few minutes,as I hoped the dream I was having before I went to the bathroom resumed.  I was naked in public,  nowhere to hide the  erection  , somewhat in a panic, blushing with embarrassment and humiliation , Yet deriving pleasure from it   .I did not know where my clothes were.          My alarm clock wakes me with just enough time  to shower, shave, with 20 minutes allowed to make a 3 hour booking at a small private college. With no fine arts department,  this life drawing class was started because of students petition.  Small group of students  instructed by an english teacher.  This is my favorite place to model.     I walk in to find a few students hanging out and quickly inform me the class has been canceled if a substitute does not get here by 15 after.  I took a seat on the model platform  thinking how much I was looking forward to posing today.  At 10 after an energetic guy walks in introduces himself as a friend of the absent instructor.  That was it.  He waves   me over explaining the pose he wanted for a demonstration.  He asked that I hurry.  No problem I replied.  I undressed and got into what he referred to as a wrestling pose, one shoulder down on the floor facing down while on my knees with legs spread wide.  This was the pose I was to be in for 4 hours.  There was a lot of activity around me but I could not see what.   A lite source was being setup, then a warmness flooded my rear view.  I peeked out and saw the whole class bunched together to watch a demonstration drawing the male anatomy from the rear view.  Oh my god,  this pose was incredibly erotic and there was no hiding the resulting arousal.  The group went silent as my scrotum tightened firmly and a quick engorging  throb  ensued.  I could see a shadow of my penis pulsating visibly.  The sensations flowing through my body were unbelievably pleasurable and this was evident.  It was s quiet in the classroom I could hear my heart pound.  A few minutes past then finally a question and some discussion about the foreshortening view and how to handle it.  At break 10 full sheets drawings were pinned up, the foreshortening question was about my penis. to be continued  thanks     


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Exhibitionism in the art studio


Yesterday my drawing group had a new model he had never posed nude before. He acted very nervous and maybe a little scared. I think he thought he would be posing for just one artist not six. Anyway after a few minutes he got an erection

I asked if he was ok or if he wanted to take a break to calm down. He asked what we wanted him to do one of the other women said she would prefer him to hold the pose, so he did and he calmed down but throughout the session he would occasionally lose control and his erection would return. After the class, the six of us went for lunch and one of the women said I don’t know about the rest of you but did some great drawings this morning and loved every minute when our model was aroused. Basically we all agreed with her, drawing the models erection had added an additional dynamic to all our drawings. Any way we decided we want to do it again some Saturday, not by chance with a new model but actually schedule a male to pose with an erection.

Additional Details

I just want to add we didn’t make any comments in front of the model we enjoyed the dynamic effect of the erection in our drawing and want to schedule a model with him understanding that he is expected to pose that way and we also understand there will be breaks for him to shall we say fluff himself up from time to time.



Modeling Nude -What’s it like?

How does it feel to pose in the nude?

I had this experience when I started as a model for life drawing classes. After submitting my application at a local university I was

surprised to get a call to work that same evening.  Just  3 hours from now. I was not ready to get up on stage naked, I thought to

myself, in a week or two is what I was expecting.  Going to the gym to, practicing poses in front of a mirror, laying out naked to erase

my tan lines,  and trimming back my pubic hair  were some things I was doing to ready myself.    I excepted the booking.  Feelings of

excitement and arousal  developing an erection. I was charting new territory and did’nt know what to expect. Arriving a few

minutes early I checked in at the fine arts office then was greeted by the TA who was so nice and informative, she showed me to

models dressing room after introducing me to the group. The studio was full with art students with drawing supplies ready and

waiting for me to take the stage. I counted 25 students  some were sizing my body up even before I disrobed. In the dressing room

longer than I needed to be then  I heard the TA call me to the stage. Lets get started with gesture poses. This was the moment I

fantasized about over and over. Being naked  in a public setting ,I masturbated many times to the thought of stepping on a stage

totally naked . Now I was seconds away from walking out into the studio totally naked. I opened the door and everyone watched as I

made my way to the middle of the room all I could feel was the cool evening air on the parts of my body that were normally

covered. I did’nt take more than a minute before I had a full erection that was surging furiously and as my heart rate increased I

could feel the lurching and jumping of my erect penis in rhythm with my heart beat. Even though I was blushing and was

embarrassed, I continued to pose with a hard on. The drawing continued the room fell silent, Apparently the obvious enjoyment I

was getting was not a problem. I could feel the release of pre cum flood my urethra. During breaks I had to wipe the tip of my penis

and trying to do it discreetly. When the last pose ended I stepped off the stage , erection bouncing , closed the door after inside the

model room I satisfied myself using my slippery  pre cum as a lube. I was masturbating after 3 hours of sexual energy building up. I

came so hard.  I yearn for the next time I undress and put myself naked on display.


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