life drawing model

You found a job posting  that said “Life Drawing Model Needed” It said that you must be comfortable with being nude in front of art students. You were a little intrigued. Could you handle being so exposed in front of strangers? You decide to try it.

When you arrive in my art class, the teacher gives you a robe and asks you to take off all of your clothes and come back wearing the robe. Me and the other art students set up our easels facing the center of the room. You come back wearing only the robe and the teacher places you, and adjusts the lights. She tells you that it is time to take off the robe. You hesitate for a moment and then the exhibitionist in you comes out and you let it drop to the ground. All eyes are on you and your cock. I am gazing at the long, thick smooth cock  imagining what it would feel like in my mouth.

I looked up at you and you were looking right back at me. I smiled and I noticed your cock twitched a bit and started to grow. The exhibitionist in me wanted to go to you drop to my knees and give you what we both could feel you want.  Joining the class from my moment of lust, we all drew you as you stood in the hot lights. We looked intensely at every part of your body. I could tell you were turned on. I felt hot and a my panties were getting wet.

Finally it was time for a break. I asked you if I could come with you into the dressing closet. Before you put your clothes on, I told you to sit down. I separated your legs and took your cock into my hands. I licked the head of your cock and slowly put it into my mouth. You pushed my head closer and shoved your cock deep down my throat. As you pulled out, you came all over my chest.

We laughed and were both much more relaxed as we went back into the classroom. I sure hope you come pose for my class again!

reclining pose triggers arousal

 Nude Male reclining.  2 hourlbcc-289x300.jpg



Hard Pose

The pillows were piled high in the middle of the stage.  The pose would be reclining , one long pose all day.   Long poses must be thought through to allow a pain free session.  As usual,  the studio was buzzing with activity, ramping up a notch now that the model has arrived.   A special array of halogen studio lights on tripods splashed summer- like  sunshine on the platform. I navigate through the studio crammed with easels , stools, portfolios, open art supply boxes and enthusiastic community college artists.  Well designed schools  have a functional model  dressing room at the back of  the room.  Expecting a reclining pose I knew it was an easy day ahead.  After a critique the instructor demonstrated how she wanted to see me pose today.   I dropped my robe and in a second I was in the pose and followed verbal instructions the positions and placement of my arms and legs etc.  I had become more comfortable with being totally naked among groups of people study  my every intimate detail. They will know my body better than I after today.  The pose felt good , definately total frontal exposure.   A few minutes passed then  a shy female voice asks me if she could trace my position .      This involves some physical contact.   She began tracing my body onto the platform with a piece of charcoal..  This is done by a different student volunteer every class.   Enjoyable I must admit, especially when  I felt  the  the breath and touch of the volunteer kick starting erotic feelings.  The studio is a steady sound  of chatter and preparation.     Still a lot of movement and conversation but drawing had started , I could hear talk about my proportions,  and shapes of different parts of my anatomy.   Relaxing my whole body taking a few deep breaths trying not to move.  This pose was very comfortable , I felt like I could sleep.   I stayed motionless for what seemed like half an hour of so. Thoughts swirl , I daydream,  create mental lists,  analyse my schedule.   


Then without any warning at all,  my scrotum began to tighten ,  my flaccid penis began move up  towards my belly button ,  throbbing ,  pushing up my lower abdoman   lengthing with each  movement,  in position when less intense erection lingers ,  I took another deep breath with no effect.  2 seconds later I felt the tip of my penis lift away from my body  swelling quickly in a hurried throbbing motion originating deep inside from the root of my penis.I was now furiously engorged in 15 seconds.  My heart rate increased.  I could hear my heart  beat.

    The classroom fell silent.  I mean as if everyone left.  I had to lift my head to see what had happened.  Eye contact with 20 wide-eyed young artist made all at once looking directly at my throbbing cock  then into my eyes then back to my throbbing cock.   The center  of attention ,  in the thralls of overwhelming humiliation , which amplified  into overwhelming pleasure.  I was blushing, breathing heavy.  I realized this class was ready for a pose like this after similar session s where I had an erection during a pose.     No talking but some whisper.    Absolute silence.   I was laying with my head back  unable to monitor the situation .  I was in exhibitionist heaven on earth for the next 3  and a half hours.  Precum flowing I needed to  wipe from time to time, which was awkward.  Excuse me,  stop drawing so I can wipe my dripping erection.  Thanks.  After each break I went to the same pose already half swollen heavy penis, then I was automatically hard again. At the end of the day I was ready to explode. This time I could not wait till I drove home to take the tension off,  My balls were aching  and  tight .   Walking to the dressing room hard cock bouncing with each step shutting the door behind me reaching for my astroglide letting the robe fall away as I slumped into the cot with my gym bag as a pillow.    I could see my reflection in the mirror,  thinking to myself “oh my what a spectacle I have caused”  I masturbated  to ejaculation several times then finally ,     I emerged from this room 30 minutes later .  Some people are still here, .    You still here?  surprised  at first,  then an unspoken moment of understanding.  Have a good day!


The Pose was a Challenge

scrotum view
scrotum view

An explanation of the sensations that cause arousal when modeling nude for groups of strangers

I woke  up before the alarm  headed straight to the bathroom.  Getting back to bed to resume the erotic dream I was thoroughly enjoying was the task at hand.  These extremely hot scenarios where I am naked outside or the grocery store and being the  only one without my clothes on.  The resulting looks and stares with assorted comments not about the fact I  am naked,  but naked with an erection.   Some nerve.      

Back in bed, I was asleep in a few minutes,as I hoped the dream I was having before I went to the bathroom resumed.  I was naked in public,  nowhere to hide the  erection  , somewhat in a panic, blushing with embarrassment and humiliation , Yet deriving pleasure from it   .I did not know where my clothes were.          My alarm clock wakes me with just enough time  to shower, shave, with 20 minutes allowed to make a 3 hour booking at a small private college. With no fine arts department,  this life drawing class was started because of students petition.  Small group of students  instructed by an english teacher.  This is my favorite place to model.     I walk in to find a few students hanging out and quickly inform me the class has been canceled if a substitute does not get here by 15 after.  I took a seat on the model platform  thinking how much I was looking forward to posing today.  At 10 after an energetic guy walks in introduces himself as a friend of the absent instructor.  That was it.  He waves   me over explaining the pose he wanted for a demonstration.  He asked that I hurry.  No problem I replied.  I undressed and got into what he referred to as a wrestling pose, one shoulder down on the floor facing down while on my knees with legs spread wide.  This was the pose I was to be in for 4 hours.  There was a lot of activity around me but I could not see what.   A lite source was being setup, then a warmness flooded my rear view.  I peeked out and saw the whole class bunched together to watch a demonstration drawing the male anatomy from the rear view.  Oh my god,  this pose was incredibly erotic and there was no hiding the resulting arousal.  The group went silent as my scrotum tightened firmly and a quick engorging  throb  ensued.  I could see a shadow of my penis pulsating visibly.  The sensations flowing through my body were unbelievably pleasurable and this was evident.  It was s quiet in the classroom I could hear my heart pound.  A few minutes past then finally a question and some discussion about the foreshortening view and how to handle it.  At break 10 full sheets drawings were pinned up, the foreshortening question was about my penis. to be continued  thanks     


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